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What our customers are saying

  • “The communication was excellent.  This was the best service!! Going to the grocery store on vacation is daunting. I never know where anything is, we just want to be on vacation not shopping in the grocery store.  Thank you for all the help!!”

                                 -Becky, Pensacola Beach,Aug 2023

  • “Everything was exactly as we ordered.  I simply can not say enough good things about our experience.  We vacation at Pensacola Beach at least once a year, sometimes twice a year, we will continue to use Grocery Concierge.  Thanks so much!”

                                 -Hollie, Pensacola Beach, Aug 2023

  • “Convenience and customer service! Awesome to walk in on your first day of vacation and hot have to go to the store. You can just start enjoying the first day instead of making lists and going to the store yourself. And the customer service is bar none! My orders have always been precisely as I asked.  You receive a text, with pics of your stocked items and everything set for your arrival.  It is SPECTACTULAR!!!”

                  -Rhonda, Navarre Beach, Repeat Customer

  • “Such great people to work with.  They go out of their way to please their customers.”

                  Valerie, Navarre Beach, Repeat customer

    Favorite Part about using Grocery Concierge?

    • “Arriving at beach house and having the food and all the other items neatly and beautifully ready for our use! “ -Connie, Pensacola Beach, July 2023
    • “The time it saves, it allows our family to start vacation right away!” -Ashley, Navarre Beach, Aug 2023
    • “The friendly staff even checked on us. Gave us suggestions where to do things.” Mark, Navarre Beach, June 2023