Rainy Day Activities on Navarre Beach

July 7, 2021

According to BestPlaces.net, Navarre has 228 sunny days per year (23 more sunny days than the US average) and, we get 66 inches of rain each year (the average US is 38 inches).  So YES, we have many sunny days, and there’s also a very good chance that you will have some rain during your annual trip to the beach. 

So what can you do when it rains?  Start by reading these blog articles and below, I will give some local suggestions and tips:

Traveling Mom:

Be sure to download and print their ULTIMATE Beach Packing list (free).  I love a good checklist and, this one is good!


I felt these articles were a good place to start and, now we can adjust for older-aged kids and an all-adults trip.  Let’s begin with Fun Things to Do:

Spa Day

Mani/Pedis:  Unfortunately, many of the local nail salons are not as easy to “just pop in” as they were pre-pandemic.  So whether you are on a Girl’s Trip or you have teenage girls (and guys often want to participate), with a little imagination you can create an “at home” spa day with items you can find at the local dollar store or drug store. 

Here’s what you’ll need for your home pedicure kit: (pack extras to take home)

  • Nail polish remover (to remove and clean up any smudges)
  • Nail clipper
  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail nipper
  • Q-tips and cotton balls
  • Cuticle oil and eraser
  • Exfoliating scrub (can also use sand—there’s plenty at the beach)
  • Foot file or pumice stone
  • Foot lotion
  • Toe separator
  • Base & top coat
  • Nail polish (pick out a fun color that reminds you of sunshine, seashells, or aquamarine water)

Makeup Session:  Use the time inside to “play” in your makeup.  Watch a YouTube video about creating a Cat Eye and then try it yourself.  Ever wondered how you would look with long dark eyelashes?  Try applying false eyelashes.  Bonus:  If you get “all made up” and the rain stops, find a nearby outdoor concert and go dancing! 

Rainy days are also good times to wash and clean your makeup brushes (baby shampoo or dawn liquid dish soap works well) and to restock basics from the drug store.  Spend some time just looking at all the options available today at the local store or place an order with your favorite cosmetics company. 

Cook Up Some Fun

Depending on what you have in your vacation beach home, this may require a trip to the store.  If you have placed an order with Grocery Concierge, you may already have all your food items and, we thank you for allowing us to serve you.  Take the time while it’s raining to prep fruits and veggies for snacks or meals so that when the sun comes back out, you can stay on the beach longer! 

If you decide to go to the store, make the cooking into a “Top Chef” competition to add extra fun.  Categories could include—secret ingredients (each person gets to pick a secret ingredient the other person has to use in their recipe), plant-based options, or all local ingredients. The point is to have fun cooking and eating together.

Board Games, Cards, Puzzles,and Books

Hopefully, you packed a few of these anyway, but if not, locally in Navarre, the Good Neighbor Thrift Store (Open M, W, F 9-4 and Sat 12-4) has a good selection of books for all ages, puzzles of different sizes and various board games.  You can pick up decks of cards at the drug store, including waterproof ones! 

For larger groups, a personal favorite card game is called 99.  We use $1 bills (each player must have 3), but you could use seashells.  Here are the rules: 

Souvenirs and Scrapbooks

Rainy days are the best days to check out local souvenir shops!  And why wait until you get back home to start creating your memory book.  Clean out your photos and start sorting into albums now while the memories are fresh. 

Movies – Inside and Out

Windjammer’s on the Pier is hosting movies on the beach on Tuesday nights.  But if it’s raining, they cancel the showing.  Hopefully, the vacation rental unit you booked has a nice big TV for everyone to watch a movie together inside.  Need some ideas of what’s available on Netflix in the Beach Movie Category– https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/movies/g33297746/best-beach-movies/

Don’t forget to set up a Popcorn Bar for all to enjoy!  PDF available on Grocery-Concierge website under Meal Planning—Free Resources

Museums and Art Galleries

While we don’t have an art gallery in Navarre, there are plenty of gift shops with local artist’s work for sale!  Check out Saltwater Cottage, The Turtles Nest, PikItz, and Pak N Fax (find them all on Facebook).   No trip to Navarre is complete without a tour through the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center or the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge.  Be sure to call and check the hours of operation. 

Check Out the Local Coffee Shop or Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream, custard, snowballs—we’ve got them all in Navarre.  The Twist Ice Cream.  Culver’s Custard.  Tommy’s Snoballs.  You can find them all on Facebook for more information. 

Escape Room

These have become very popular and, we have one right here in Navarre.  Check out the EscapeZone60 for an indoor activity on a rainy day. 

Get Wet and Do Good

If it’s not raining hard, you can pick up a bag, walk along the beach, and fill it with any trash left from previous visitors or washed up or blown out.  Once the bag is full, take it to the Visitor’s Center and get a bag of free souvenirs!  A new program on Navarre Beach this year is the Do Good, Feel Good volunteer opportunity. 

Most vacations are not ruined by the rain and, with a little planning and creative adjustments you can still enjoy your time with family and friends.  And always look for the rainbows after the rain stops! 

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